This is the reason why divorce should not make you traumatize to start a relationship again

Divorce can cause deep wounds that discourage people from starting a new relationship. How to solve it? Pengacara Perceraian You should not wallow in your grief and suffering caused by the divorce. Pengacara Perceraian No matter how miserable feelings are in your heart, you must keep building and building new relationships that will close your wound. Some people are in a hurry to find someone else to heal the wound. Pengacara Perceraian This is also a mistake because the possibility that person is not the right person for you, otherwise maybe just a result of “rebound love”. You just think love the person, in fact you just want to treat your heart wound.

Pengacara Perceraian

I know someone who when his wife abandoned him, he feels the world has collapsed. His experience made him shock and very sad. They are indeed experiencing trials in their couples relationship because there are other men. But the husband did not think that his wife could do that. One day after work, he did not find his wife’s children welcoming as usual. Then he noticed the wedding band that was usually attached to his wife’s fingers left on the dining table. Instantly she felt like she was hit by a train. He does not know where they are going, but he is very much in love with his wife and children. Finally after a while the wife told her that they were living with her parents who had just moved to another place.

For two years the husband tried to persuade his wife to return to him. She felt so tortured that she could not see her children every day. If the tears are accommodated it may be able to fill an empty swimming pool. He can only see his children once a week, when they are not in school. It was a torture for him, because these innocent and small children, did not understand why their parents were no longer living in the same house. If he invites the children to eat out, a rather large child will say, “We used to eat here with mama.” How does this tough-looking, gentle-looking man feel uncomfortable?

By Christmas they spent with their husbands feeling the hope that his wife will return. But unfortunately, the hope was empty, the wife said that there was already another man in his heart. Faced with the harsh reality that the man said that they should divorce. After his divorce, the husband busied himself with his work and his togetherness with his children at the weekend. Several times he tried to connect with other women, but always failed. Finally after a year of divorce he meets a nice, beautiful and loving woman. Only then did he feel comforted to find a new companion who loved his children as well.

In trauma the husband does not isolate himself, but opens his heart to get acquainted with others. Not only women, but also men who want to understand the situation and give him lots of advice and comfort. He also brings himself closer to God to gain strength. Parents, relatives and friends help him so much that he does not despair and be patient. He is also busy fostering his career to succeed. When he finally got married again he realized that there are still people who want to love him and sail the ark of life with him.

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