Managing a Company: 5 Fabulous Tips

Managing your company? Not everyone knows, but the Brazilian is among the first places in the list of people most entrepreneurial in the world. Despite all the bureaucratic and cultural difficulties are a highly entrepreneurial and creative people. Our people have a creative mind and ability to solve problems more complex. We managed to work around situations, adapt quickly and find solutions for difficult situations. This skill or set of entrepreneurial skills make the Brazilian easily involved in creating new businesses. Have an idea for a new company is very interesting and motivating. Periods prior to the effective opening of a business are vibrant, exciting. Everything is still a sea of flowers, for nothing was to practice. Everything is in the realm of ideas. And in the realm of ideas, you can think whatever you want. We can be motivated, excited. The reality has not knocked. When we decided to practice what we think and start actually the first actions we begin to see that reality is not as sweet as well. Managing a company’s day-to-day is not as easy as you think. There are countless obstacles and situations to be: bureaucracy, taxes, employees, processes, finance, training and so on. source:

Managing your company?

We are a highly entrepreneurial people, we have a good mind to new ideas. We find solutions to complex problems easily. This is all very good. But when it comes to management and administration we are not an example to anyone. The average Brazilian, by nature, is not a good manager. It reads very little training and abhors is not disciplined. Managing a business all this and more a set of defects cause many good ideas fail and various businesses stop halfway. Yes, we know that the Brazilian bureaucracy does not help, but I see that several problematic situations arise from the lack of organization. So many questions arise related to the management of a company. How to manage a company in the best possible way? With this article, I do not want to answer any questions. There will be enough room for it. Just want to reveal 5 things that I consider important in business management, regardless of size. Come on:

01. Team

Managing a company with the wrong people? It’s not possible. Assemble the right team of employees early on is key. The first entrepreneur’s inclination is to hire family and friends. Often this will give problems ahead. Simply because not hired based on their profile, but a matter of necessity. I always recommend looking for people based on job characteristics. If you have no money to pay for taxes, you can try trainees. There are several ways to find the right people and I recommend that you research about it to not make mistakes. The wrong team will be fatal to your business.

02. Systems

Informative your business. Search for specialized management systems in its field. Keep this system up to date: stock, cash, transactions etc. Never manage your company without raising data (revenues, costs, expenses, net income etc.). Control everything you can with a stable system and do backups. Having no knowledge about some key data of your business can be fatal even in the short term.

03. Finance

Never mix personal finances with the finances of your business. Avoid this dangerous trap. Set a salary for you and never take one penny more cash to pay personal expenses. I know some people who broke a promising business because the company’s cash was used to cover personal accounts. When the company needed money there was none. Be hard in this area and avoid future problems.

04. Marketing

Do marketing is not just for big companies. Every company should invest in marketing. How to do this if the business is small or if you do not have a good cash flow? Simply set a percentage of your income to be allocated to marketing. It does not matter if the value is high or low, but get used to investing in marketing early. If you want to spend little you can begin advertising on Google, for example. Doing this ensures that the name of your company gradually grow the market and go conquer new customers.

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