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iPhone apps Apple has released the iPhone 6 along with the latest version of iOS 8. There are some of the developers have been working to add new features and functionality to the applications made by those running on iOS 8. This application can be downloaded through the Apple Store iOS.

Here is iPhone apps that can be downloaded right now to complete your iPhone.

  1. SwiftKey

Apple added support for third-party keyboard in iOS 8 and SwiftKey is a free application that you can try. Not only offers a new way of typing style using the gesture, but SwiftKey brings predictive text to prevent a typo or typo.

  1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne might not be familiar to those fans of racing games on mobile platforms. The game application can be played on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, the iPhone 5S, iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina display. With a larger screen on the iPhone 6, users can be satisfied when playing games that filled the visual effects.

  1. Storehouse – Visual Storytelling

Apple allows third-party developers to support iOS 8. Applications Storehouse – Visual Storytelling running on iOS 8 allows various widgets and other features to be added. The latest update in version 1.5 makes it possible for users to add hash tags on stories, find friends on Instagram, Twitter and Face book.

  1. EyeEm – Photo Filter Camera App

EyeEm app takes the power from the new camera and photo features in iOS 8. Users can share photos directly to EyeEM from the Photos application. Other features in version 4.3 allow users to take a few photos and took one of the best photos.

  1. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather app comes to Apple iOS 8. There are updates such as animated weather for snow, rain, fog and ‘intense heat’. This application provides current weather information from the Notification Centre. In addition, Yahoo Weather can also display information on the display Lock Screen.

This iPhone apps photo editing application (probably) so you need, especially for those of you who like selfie. the goal of beautifying photo editing photos are shots of you, not just the face that will become more and more beautiful, but with the photo editing application you could be the creation of photos you like a professional photographer.

Without long and wide, following Edit Application List Best Photo for iPhone ipo refer to you, so that you do not confuse selecting a powerful photo editing application. Because the free photo editing application very much in the app store.

  1. Photo editing application “Camera 360”

This iPhone apps photo editing application is including applications which are downloaded. Average user iphone especially women must have photo editing application is in iPhone.

  1. Applications Edit Photo “Pic Stitch”

With this application you can make insert several photos in one frame, you can also use this application to make the process before and after the image is edited

  1. Applications Edit Photo “Pic Collage”

in addition to photo editing, the advantages of this application is, you can enter / design your video.

  1. Applications Edit Photo “Photo Editor”

If you often find the effect of “Red Eyes” due to hit the reflection of light from blitz camera, you can use this application to eliminate the effect, if you use this app to take pictures, then the results of the image quality of HD.

  1. Applications Edit Photo “SpaceEffect”

This application is a great, iPhone also use this application. In this application, you can create cool effects like using Photoshop! Its very easy to use.

ipo taste 4 photo editing application that iPhone suggest above, is more than enough because 4 of the application is the best photo editing application on the iphone and you can download it for free, without spending a dime!

All kinds of gadgets in this world definitely use batteries, both battery with a large capacity and small. The growing smartphone recently made a function of the battery increasingly extravagant either wasteful due to the use of online social media such as play (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Path, YouTube) or be used for playing games (Both games online and offline)

In addition you use to play games, the cause of your iphone battery is wasteful of lawyer-an IOS upgrade you are doing. As we all know, that each time you upgrade IOS on your iPhone then there will be some features added by the apple. And these features will continue to run and require a battery so that maximum performance on the feature. On this occasion we will give you tips on how to use iPhone apps that you can practice on your iphone, so that your iPhone battery is more economical than before. before I explain how, it helps you find out the cause of your iPhone battery wasteful.

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