Dragon Boat Festival

This festival probably came from ancient China. There are many theories, folklore traditions and myths that try to explain and are somehow connected with history. Today, the most accepted version is the suicide in 278 BC of Qu Yuan, a poet and statesman of the kingdom of Chu

Some modern research suggests that the legend of Qu Yuan and so many others that are heard have appeared on an already existing festival. The promotion of the stormwater encouraged by the followers of Confucius to legitimize their influence at the time when Buddhism, a foreign belief, was gaining influence in China.

Another theory is that the Duanwu Festival had its origins in dragon worship, based on the two main traditions of the festival: zongzi, rice dumplings that are thrown into the river as an offer to the Dragon King, and the “dragon boat” which naturally reflects the reverence for the animal and the yang energy assets associated with it. In some places there is also the tradition of visiting friends and family on boats.

Eating Zongzi is one of the most important parts of the Dragon Boat Festival. The flavors of the filling are varied, being able to find of pork, eggs, mushrooms, ham or a combination of them. But nowadays, it is common for people to buy the industrialized. Any supermarket sells boxes from the simplest to the most sophisticated with the delicacy. And, like Moon Cake, even international networks like Starbucks, have joined the custom and sell the cookies in beautiful gift wrappers.