7 unexpected things about divorce that you can learn

Binding the sacred promise of a lifetime, until death separates. Sometimes, storms come into your household and make this sacred promise forced to deny. Divorced with a partner, for one reason or another. Make you single again, or be a single parent for your baby.Behind the bitterness, disappointment, sadness, and anger you feel in your divorce, there is something worth keeping. Reasons that you do not wallow in a black hole. Wisdom that encourages  you to stay ahead and welcome tomorrow. Here are 7 meaningful lessons you will find from divorce.

1. Marriage is not a percentage share of the contribution
When you go through something with someone, you often ask, what percentage of each contribution should we give? There is a revealing, marriage means husband and wife alike have portions equally 50-50. There is also a confirmation, husband and wife must give 100 percent to the household mahligai.

To be honest, there’s never a right percentage in marriage. Husbands and wives need to complement each other and manage expectations of each other. When you are so tired, spouse fills the shortfall. However, when both of you are not in top condition, make peace with the situation. Going through the days together with the pair with the target system salesperson? Get ready with the conflicts that bombard you because of the disappointment of unexpected expectations.

2. The frequency of sex does not reflect the quality of your marriage
Intimacy in marriage is indeed a powerful glue. Unfortunately, misunderstandings often occur when intimacy is always associated with sex. When you feel your relationship with your partner cools, and immediately the problem of the bed that you fix first. Know, the frequency of your sexual relationship with your partner is not an indicator of the quality of your marriage. Intimacy can be built in various ways. A kiss when going to the office, holding hands while walking, or a warm hug at the end of a hard day. For some people, sex is seen as a mere distribution of passion, with no connection in it. Evaluate your relationship not only from the side of sex and do not hesitate to take action when you feel the discomfort in your marriage.

3. You have time to fix yourself
Admit, when you marry, you strip off “me”, merge into “us”. Many sacrifices you make, until you are no longer like single first. Call it changed appearance, because your preening time spent taking care of the child. Sacrifice the ideal to go to school, work, or study for the sake of family. When you divorce, you have a chance to become “me” back. Certainly not an egoism, if you want to appear outside shine. Confidence will keep you upbeat through the day, right? Convince yourself that you are entitled to live out the choices you like and best for you.

4. The present is much more important than the past
Divorce occurs, you begin to review everything that happened back there. Considering the first seconds you connect, the beginning of marriage, until the day to day that you live together. Why I’m not like this, why is she so. A million questions flashed and brought a stack of remorse in your heart. The stage of repentance continues into denial, drowning in sorrow from loss. Until finally, you arrive at a point, where you realize, no matter how much you weep and cry, the day will keep going. There’s nothing you can do but save the past and move forward.

5. Children will learn to appreciate failure
Not a few married couples who force to survive for the sake of children. The shadow of the broken home family with the gloomy future children is so strongly haunting. In fact, as long as you and your (former) spouse keep a good relationship behind this bitter separation, your children will understand. Gain the sincere affection of both parents throughout their lives, though not together. Many valuable lessons they can learn. Kate Winslet, a popular British actress, who also suffered multiple marital failures, delivered the same thing. “Divorce will teach children to struggle,” he was quoted as saying by British media Independent. Failure is inevitable in life. Efforts not to give up and rise from adversity, are the important points that will shape the character of a tough human, in the future.

6. Not only one party is responsible
Divorce is identical to finding “who is wrong and responsible”. You and your partner are both defending themselves, trying to find a gap, often lead to anger and hatred. What

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